Your Wordle starting word is WRONG; Get to Wordle 304 answer efficiently THIS way

    We all have our own definition of what makes a Wordle starting word good. But what if we told you that all of your starting words are wrong. Check the most efficient way of reaching the Wordle 304 answer.

    Wordle 304 answer: How do you approach your Wordle game and what is your Wordle starting word? Chances are, most of you either have a favorite starting word or you randomly experiment with them trying to see which one gets you the best results. If you follow any of the two, you fall under the majority of regular Wordle players. But the newest AI tool from the New York Times – Wordlebot – believes that we are all wrong. Apparently there is a method to Wordle’s madness and if you want to get to today’s Wordle quicker, there is a distinct word you should be starting with. In fact, the quickest way to solve any Wordle begins with that one specific word. Check out what that word is and whether you are using it.

    But before we get to the best starting word for Wordle, we should clear one thing. Unlike other games where there is a strict procedure of solving a puzzle, Wordle does not have one. What that means is that you can solve the puzzle with potentially any starting word. That happens because at the end there is an element of guessing to the game. But Wordlebot looks at the game from an objective lens and helps you understand what is factually the best starting word in order to get the highest winning streak.

    Best starting word to find Wordle 304 answer

    Wordle has 2,315 words and an additional 10,657 words that are accepted as guesses. The Wordlebot has analysed the entire set of 12,972 words to find out the most efficient word that will give out the most number of green or yellow highlights. And this word is very different from the ones most of us use. For many of us, we go for words with higher numbers of vowels such as AUDIO, ADIEU, OUIJA or LOUIE. Some others, who want to take a different route, use words with popular consonants such as R, S, T, M, N as their starting word. These people prefer STERN, STARE, RATES etc as their starting word. But Wordlebot says if you want to improve your game and reach Wordle 304 answer more efficiently, these starting words won’t cut it.

    Then what is the best starting word for Wordle. It is CRANE. Yes. A word with just two vowels and not S, T, M in it. Wordlebot says, “The opening move of a Wordle genius, CRANE is my favorite opening word of them all. On average, someone who guesses CRANE should need only 2.4 more guesses to solve the puzzle”. So, while it may not be your favorite starting word, analytically, it definitely is the best starting word when it comes to Wordle.

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