Wordle 425 answer for August 18: A trip to childhood! Check Wordle hints, clues and solution

    Wordle 425 answer for August 18: Today’s puzzle will take you on a trip to childhood once you find out the word. But finding it out will not be an easy task. So, make sure to take the help of these Wordle hints, clues and solution.

    Wordle 425 answer for August 18: Some days, solving the Wordle puzzle can be rewarding in more than just one way. Like today, it is not just about protecting your streak or adding another number to it, but to experience the nostalgia of your childhood. The word describes a simple sound but reading it will take you back to the comic books you used to read as a child. Curious? Then you have to figure out the word, which might be quite difficult. But do not worry. We always have a solution for you. Why don’t you give these Wordle hints and clues a chance. They will give you important information to solve the puzzle. And if you need more assistance, you can simply scroll to the bottom to check it. 

    Wordle 425 hints for August 18

    The word is quite challenging, although it does not contain any repeated letters. Since it is not a traditional word and is an onomatopoeia, it might be hard to think about it while solving for it. Secondly, the word contains multiple uncommon letters which can make the task even more troublesome. Do check the clues below as it will help you out in that. As far as the starting word is concerned, go with a word that contains the popular consonants. 

    Wordle 425 clues for August 18

    1. Today’s word begins with the letter T.

    2. The word has only one vowel.

    3. The word ends with G.

    4. The vowel is A. 

    5. Biggest clue – This is the sound when a comic book character would shoot an arrow.

    If you’re a comic book fan, we have given up the answer. And if you’re not, you just need to think about the clues for a moment and then focus while solving the puzzle. And for those of you who are sitting on their final attempt, just scroll down to check the solution.

    Wordle 425 answer for August 18

    SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle.

    This is your last chance to turn back or you may spoil the answer for today’s puzzle.

    Today’s word is TWANG. It means “the sound that is made when you pull a tight piece of string, wire or elastic and then let it go suddenly”. Make sure to check this space again tomorrow for hints and clues like these.

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