Wordle 297 answer for April 12, 2022: Solution, hints, clues: Get to your solution in style

    Wordle 297 answer for April 12, 2022: Protect your streak and do not lose it to a tricky word. Check out our Wordle hints and clues to comfortably add another day to your winning streak.

    Wordle 297 answer for April 12, 2022: The everlasting Wordle trickery is both fun and annoying. And in the last few days, it has tested our grit quite a bit. The words in the last couple of days have ranged from somewhat easy to nightmarishly difficult. And today’s Wordle is yet another deceptively simple word that will confuse many players. The confusion mainly arises from the fact that, after you have guessed any 3 letters, the combinations that will arise will make it almost impossible to figure out the right word within six attempts. But do not lose hope. We are not here to scare you. In fact, we have put together wordle hints that will help you easily figure out the Wordle solution today. And if you still are not able to find the word of the day, you can come back here and check the solution at the bottom.

    However, in order to promote fairplay, we request you to not scroll to the bottom and directly check the answer. The hints provided before that should make it very easy to guess the word yet keep it challenging enough to be fun. So, if you do want to impress your friends and followers online, it would be much more rewarding if you reached the solution with your own skills. So, do give the game a fair shot.

    Wordle #297

    Before we get to the Wordle answer and hints, let us quickly go through the gameplay for those who haven’t yet tried it. You get six attempts to find a secret 5-letter word of the day. Every time you make an attempt, you get the letters highlighted in green, yellow or gray indicating whether the letter is in the right position, wrong position or not included in the word. With that being said, let us move on to the Wordle hints and clues.

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