Wordle 290 answer for April 5, 2022: Solution, hints, clues: Avoid confusion, get solution

    Wordle 290 answer for April 5, 2022: If you want to protect your streak and not lose it to a tricky word, then check out our Wordle hints and clues to easily add another day to your winning streak.

    Wordle 290 answer for April 5, 2022: After the roller coaster ride of last week where we saw some nightmarish words and some surprisingly easy ones mixed together, this week has started off with a very easy word. But, there is just one small issue with it. It is not a common word at all. And chances are, even if you have heard of it, you probably have not used it much. And that is why today’s Wordle is tricky. When you do not know a word, even an easy word can become difficult. But do not lose hope. We are not here to scare you. In fact, we have put together wordle hints that will help you easily figure out the Wordle solution today. And if you still are not able to find the word of the day, you can come back here and check the solution at the bottom.

    We understand the value of a winning streak. And to make things worse, in the competitive Twitter and WhatsApp group chat space, not getting the word can make you the centre of your friends’ jokes. And that is why we share the Wordle hints and clues every day so your streak can keep growing and you can keep collecting the social media bragging points. We have also added the solution to today’s Wordle at the end, but we would strongly recommend not to check it before giving the game a fair shot. If you unfortunately were not able to guess the word, you can definitely check it out and try again tomorrow, but do not take a sneak peek. It will take the fun out of the game.

    Wordle #290

    Before we help you with the Wordle answer and hints, let us very quickly go through the gameplay for those who haven’t yet tried the game. You get six attempts to find a secret 5-letter word of the day. Every time you make an attempt, you get the letters highlighted in green, yellow or grey indicating whether the letter is in the right position, wrong position or not included in the word. With that being said, let us move on to the Wordle hints and clues.

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