Wordle 287 answer for April 2: Crack the puzzle with these Wordle hints and clues; know solution too

    Wordle 287 answer for April 2, 2022: The answer for today’s Wordle is a quite an easy one compared to the earlier ones in the week. Though it can be a bit confusing to figure out without. So, you can use our Wordle hints and clues to get the solution.

    Wordle 287 answer for April 2, 2022: There are very few instances when you get an easy Wordle word to crack. And today seems the day when with just a bit of concentration and some hints and clues you will be able to crack the Wordle 287 answer. It is kind of a quaint word though. Well, exciting time is promised to all! However, an easy 5 letter word lead to a lot of confusion! So check out the Wordle hints and clues we have put together for you to get an ease in cracking Wordle 287 answer. And in case you still are unable to find the 5 letter Wordle answer today, we have added the solution at the end.

    Wordle 287: How to play

    Are you aware of the rules of Wordle? Before we head to Wordle 287 hints and clues, we will let you quickly know the rules of the game. You need to guess a five letter word in 6 attempts. Every time you make a guess and enter the word in the Wordle box, the letter boxes will be highlighted with Green, Yellow or Black colour.

    If the letter box turns green it means that the alphabet is correct and is placed accurately. Yellow denotes a correct letter but at the wrong place. While Black colour is used to denote a wrong alphabet which is not present in the Wordle answer of the day. The only thing you need to do is to turn all the 5 letter boxes Green!

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