Weather on mind? Try Cloudle, the Wordle alternative that is all about climate

    Cloudle is a Wordle alternative that will put your weather-guessing skills to the test. Check it out now.

    Do you hate waiting for the next Wordle puzzle to roll out, which takes it exactly 24 hours? If yes, then you can check out this bizarre Wordle alternative game called Cloudle. This game will put your weather-guessing skills to the test while retaining the familiar Wordle format. This new Wordle clone challenges you to accurately predict the weather. It follows the basic template of Wordle, but there’s a catch. You’ll be required to guess a five-day weather forecast of a random city instead of guessing a hidden five-letter word. That means you don’t have to string letters together, but you have to select and arrange weather symbols. Here’s all you need to know about Cloudle

    What is Cloudle and how can you play it?

    Cloudle is identical to Wordle and you have to guess the five-day forecast in six guesses or less. The game format is also similar to Wordle, as guesses are color-coded. A gray box shows that the weather type won’t be appearing in the week, while a yellow box means the weather type will appear on a different day than what you’ve guessed, and a green box means you’ve hit that day’s weather correctly.

    In the game, you’re given a city somewhere in the world and you’ll have to correct weather icons like sunny skies, scattered clouds, rain, thunderstorms, snow, fog, etc. You’ll be required to guess the five-day weather forecast for that city in just the way you guess the Wordle answer of the day. You’ll get six chances to guess the forecast, and a new city every day. You’ll be required to pick a weather symbol that appears in the forecast but not in the right place, and you’ll get a clue that you’re on the right track. You slowly move further with the options, until you have figured out the correct forecast.

    You can make guesses based on the location of the city. For example, if it’s Seattle, Washington or Copenhagen, you can mark rain and it would be right about half the time, however, if it’s Las Vegas, Nevada and Perth it shouldn’t mark snow. And if your own city ever comes up in a puzzle, it’ll be a win-win situation. Also, note that Cloudle strategies will naturally change throughout the year as the weather keeps changing in different parts of the world.

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