Today’s Wordle answer August 6: Check the hints and clues for puzzle 413

    Wordle 413 answer for August 6: Today’s puzzle is going to be confusing to many. Do not get stuck in it. Solve it with these hints and clues. Check the answer too.

    Wordle 413 answer for August 6: Today’s weekend puzzle has one trick in it and if you can solve it, the word will reveal itself. The problem is, most players will try to solve it without even knowing what it is. And this is why these Wordle hints and clues are important. Not only do they tell you more about the word, they help you save your attempts by giving you the most efficient strategy to figure out the puzzle. So, if you’re stuck, make sure to use these assistive tools to help you protect your streak for one more day. And if you are at the last attempt and just want to not lose, then you can scroll to the bottom to check the answer too.

    Wordle 413 hints for August 6

    Today’s word is very vowel-heavy. Three out of the five letters are just vowels. We are seeing a word like this after a long time in the game and it might be a problem for players. These days, noone uses vowel heavy words as starting word as they are not very efficient in solving the puzzles. So, players may end up using 3-4 attempts just to figure out the letters, which is not ideal. You should just start with a vowel-heavy word to get a big advantage today.

    Wordle 413 clues for August 6

    1. Today’s word begins with the letter A.

    2. The word has three vowels.

    3. The word ends with N.

    4. One of the remaining vowel is E.

    5. The final vowel is I.

    There you go. These were your clues and we are sure you can easily guess the word with these clues. so just think about it for a minute and you’re ready to solve it. And for those of you who only have a single attempt left, just scroll down for the answer. 

    Wordle 413 answer for August 6

    SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle.

    This is your last chance to turn back or you may spoil the answer for today’s puzzle.

    Today’s word is ALIEN. It means “a creature from outer space; extraterrestrial”. Make sure to come back again tomorrow for more hints and clues.

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