The Energy Department will block sales of inefficient light bulbs

    The has finalized rules that will block sales of many incandescent light bulbs, reports. The measures bring in stricter efficiency standards, light bulbs that emit less than 45 lumens per watt. Most halogen and incandescent bulbs fall under this distinction.

    Officials believe the rules will cut carbon emissions by 222 million metric tons over the next three decades, which is said to be the equivalent of the emissions of 28 million homes. They claim the measures will save American residents around $3 billion per year.

    More consumers are opting for LED or fluorescent alternatives, including . Still, incandescent and halogen options are said to have made up 30 percent of light bulb sales in 2020.

    The DoE will start enforcing the rules for manufacturers on January 1st next year. Distributors and retailers will have another seven months to sell off bulbs that don’t meet the new standards.

    The move reverses by the Trump administration in 2019 to roll back stricter standards for bulbs. The Obama administration established rules that would have blocked sales of inefficient light bulbs as of January 1st, 2020. Several states have established stricter light bulb energy standards, and to do so in other parts of the country.

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