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Are you searching for a approach to share your love of soccer along with your canine? Soccer canine names–names derived from well-known gamers in addition to soccer phrases–could be a enjoyable approach to lengthen your love of the sport 12 months round.

Football Names for Your New Teammate

Soccer Phrases







Finish Zone




Hail Mary




Hut Hut










Ref or Referee







Tremendous Bowl

Sort out



White 80


Well-known Gamers

Famous Football Names

Aikman (Troy Aikman) — The title Aikman is extensively often known as the surname of NFL legend Troy Aikman who led the Dallas Cowboys to a few Tremendous Bowl victories. The title is a mix of two phrases – “Aic” that means oak tree and “mann” that means man.

Bradshaw (Terry Bradshaw) — The title Bradshaw is of English origin and has a number of meanings. It’s believed to have been derived from the Outdated English phrases “brad,” which interprets to broad, and “shaw,” referring to a wooded space or grove. Over time, the that means of this title developed from being related to rural life and nature into being extra broadly related to power and resilience.

Brady (Tom Brady) — The title Brady has many layers of that means and origin. It’s a title that initially derived from two distinct sources, the Irish surname Ó Brádaigh that means ‘spirited’ and the Outdated English Bradan, that means ‘broad’. The twin roots of this moniker give it a singular presence in immediately’s world, indicating each power and expansiveness.

Brees (Drew Brees) — The title Brees is derived from an Outdated English time period that means “courageous,” and it has been used as a given title because the 1700s. In newer instances, the title has change into popularized by NFL quarterback Drew Brees, who led the New Orleans Saints to their first Tremendous Bowl victory in 2009.

Butkus (Dick Butkus) — The title Butkus is a well-liked Slavic surname originating from Lithuania. It’s considered derived from the Lithuanian phrase for “boulder” or “rock”–an important title for a Mastiff!

Cam (Cam Newton) — The title Cam is a well-liked unisex child title and is of Scottish origin. It has two potential meanings relying on the origin of the title; one that means is “crooked nostril” or “bent nostril,” whereas the opposite that means is “courageous” or “daring.” (You can even go for Cammie, Cammy, Camilla, and Camille as canine names.) Cam can be used as an abbreviation for Cameron which suggests “crooked stream” in Gaelic.

Dak (Dak Prescott) — The title Dak has origins in a number of cultures and languages. The title could be derived from a Hebrew phrase that means “regulation” or “justice”; the foundation of the title can also be associated to the Arabic phrase for data or energy. It can be traced again to Sanskrit and even Latin phrases that means “lord” or “chief.” In Africa, Dak is considered associated to Dagomba phrases that imply both “to name” or “king.” It’s additionally seen as having ties with historical Egyptian names akin to Daka and Dakarai. Lastly, in Eire, it’s thought to come back from an previous Gaelic time period that means highly effective or strong-willed.

Deion (Deion Sanders) — The title Deion is of Greek origin, and comes from the phrase diós that means ‘of Zeus’. Deion can also be stated to be derived from the Latin phrase dei which suggests god or divine.

Dez (Dez Bryant) — The title Dez is an English title derived from the traditional Latin phrase desideratum, which suggests one thing desired or wished for. It first appeared within the nineteenth century, and has since change into common all through america. Dez is commonly used as a shortened model of different names starting with Des-.

Elway (John Elway) — The title Elway is a singular and fascinating title that has been utilized in america since a minimum of the early nineteenth century. It’s believed to be of Scottish origin, in all probability as a nickname for an individual who was an knowledgeable horseman and will “elway” his manner out of any harmful state of affairs.

In fashionable instances, the title Elway has change into synonymous with American soccer due to Corridor of Fame quarterback John Elway, who performed for the Denver Broncos from 1983 to 1998 and have become some of the profitable gamers in NFL historical past.

Favre (Brett Favre) — Nobody’s fairly certain of the origin of the title Favre though it’s in all probability French (from the Normandy area) or Swiss. In the event you go the Swiss route, the title is derived from the given title Fauvre or Fauver, which got here from an historical Germanic phrase that means “flee.”

Jerry (Jerry Rice) — This widespread title dates again to historical instances, originating in France through the Center Ages as a diminutive of “Geraldin,” or “rule of the spear.”

Lamar (Lamar Jackson) — The title Lamar is derived from the Latin phrase for “the ocean” and is without doubt one of the most often used given names in America, with its recognition rising from quantity 616 in 1880 to quantity 195 by 2018.

Lombardi (Vince Lombardi) — The title Lombardi is a well-liked Italian surname, linked to historical Roman and Etruscan cultures. Whereas some declare that the origins of this surname could be traced again to the Latin time period Lumbardus that means courageous and daring, others imagine that it could have originated from place names in Italy akin to Lunardo or Lombardia. No matter its actual origins, immediately when one hears the title Lombardi many consider legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi who was recognized for his tough-minded method and for main the Inexperienced Bay Packers to 5 NFL Championships between 1959-67.

Madden (John Madden) — The title Madden is of Irish origin and has a number of meanings. It may be translated as “son of a hero” or “daring protector”. The primary recognized use of this title dates again to the seventh century, when it was used as a boy’s given title in Eire and Scotland. In fashionable instances, nevertheless, the title is most frequently used for each genders.

The unique Gaelic type of Madden comes from O’Madadhain (son of Madadh), which suggests “doglike” or “fierce one”.

Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes) — The title Mahomes is an intriguing moniker that has gained quite a lot of consideration lately, due to the success of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is derived from two African languages, Manding and Fula, each spoken in West Africa. The title itself interprets to “king” or “chief.”

Manning (Peyton, Eli and Archie Manning) — The title Manning has been utilized in England for hundreds of years with varied spellings akin to Maning, Mainning and Mannyng. Followers will know the title from the well-known household which has produced three NFL quarterbacks.

Marino (Dan Marino) — Marino is a reputation of Italian origin derived from the Latin phrase marinus which interprets to imply “of the ocean” or “marine.”

Marshawn (Marshawn Lynch) — Marshawn is a reputation of English origin, derived from the Latin Mars, that means “God of Conflict.”

Montana (Joe Montana) — Montana was derived from the Spanish verb montar, which suggests to mount or climb. One other potential that means comes from Latin roots, the place montana refers to something associated to “mountains” or “hills.”

Namath (Joe Namath) — Namath is derived from the Arabic phrase namat which interprets to “reward.” It’s usually given as an emblem of affection and respect, with a that means of “You might be my reward” or “My reward to you.”

Joe Namath, who performed for the New York Jets within the Nineteen Sixties and 70s, was additionally recognized by the nickname “Broadway Joe” and he was inducted into each the Faculty Soccer Corridor of Fame and Professional Soccer Corridor of Fame.

Odell (Odelle Beckham Jr.) — The title Odell first originated in France, though the precise origin is unknown. The title means “rich” or “affluent.” Odell is claimed to be a spinoff of the Germanic phrase Odo, which may additionally imply rich or affluent.

Payton (Walter Payton) — The title Payton is a well-liked unisex title that has been utilized in each america and the UK. The origin of the title Payton is unsure, nevertheless some sources imagine it’s derived from an English surname that means “noble” or “patrician”.

Perry (William Perry) — Usually higher often known as “The Fridge,” William Perry’s title is an historical one, with roots stretching all the best way again to the Latin and Greek languages. Its authentic that means was “to cross via,” a reference to its literary use in Virgil’s Aeneid, the place it described a ford on the river Tiber.

In England and Wales, for instance, Perry is assumed to originate from the Outdated English pyrige that means pear tree – referring to somebody who lived close to or owned such a tree. In Eire it could imply “rock” on account of its affiliation with St Peter’s Rock in Wexford county. Elsewhere it may have extra uncommon connections – for instance, in France it could possibly be associated to Pierre (Peter) and even Petrus (stone).

Peyton (Peyton Manning) — The title Peyton is of English origin and has a deep that means behind its roots. It’s an previous English title initially used to confer with somebody who lived in a small village or hamlet–good for the small city canine!

Reggie (Reggie White) — The title Reggie is an English title of unsure origin, though it’s usually related to Reginald and its Latin roots, rex that means “king”. In different languages, the title Reggie could have completely different meanings. For instance, in German it might imply “recommendation” or “counsel” from the phrase raten.

Staubach (Roger Staubach) — Staubach is mostly related to Roger Staubach, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback affectionately recognized by followers as “Captain America” on account of his heroic performances on the sphere, main the workforce to 2 Tremendous Bowl wins.

The title Staubach has German origins and is derived from the phrase Staub, that means mud. It’s believed to have originated with a household of German farmers who lived in a dusty space.

Terrell (Terrell Owens) — Terrell is a well-liked title with origins in each Irish and French tradition. Derived from the Gaelic phrase for “sturdy hill”, Terrell has been used as a surname for hundreds of years, earlier than finally being adopted as a male title.

Trevon (Trevon Diggs) — The title Trevon is mostly interpreted as derived from the Latin phrase trevus which suggests “vibrant”. Moreover, some imagine that the title additionally has its roots in an Outdated French phrase trever which refers to somebody who lives close to a city or settlement.

Tua (Tua Tagovailoa) — The title Tua is a Polynesian title that’s rising in recognition, each nationally and internationally. It has roots within the Hawaiian language and could be translated to imply “flowering” or “divinely favored.” Within the Hawaiian tradition this refers back to the concept of being blessed with luck and wonder. The phrase itself has been used for hundreds of years as an expression of respect for individuals who had achieved success, usually regardless of troublesome circumstances–an ideal title for a rescue canine who has weathered robust instances.

Watt (JJ Watt) — The title Watt is derived from a Scottish surname traced again to Outdated English phrases for ‘watch tower’ or ‘guardian’.

“Success isn’t owned, it’s leased. And lease is due day-after-day.” — JJ Watt (a quote which may maintain as true for canine coaching because it does soccer!)

Names Impressed by Soccer Groups

49er (San Francisco 49ers)

Bear (Chicago Bears)

Bengal (Cincinnati Bengals)

Invoice (Buffalo Payments)

Bronc or Bronco (Denver Broncos)

Brown or Brownie (Cleveland Browns)

Buc or Bucky (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Buff or Buffy (Buffalo Payments)

Cardinal (Arizona Cardinals)

Charger (LA Chargers)

Chief (Kansas Metropolis Chiefs)

Colt (Indianapolis Colts)

Commander (Washington Commanders)

Cowboy (Dallas Cowboys)

Dolphin (Miami Dolphins)

Eagle (Philadelphia Eagles)

Falcon (Atlanta Falcons)

Large (New York Giants)

Jag or Jaguar (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Jet or Jetty (New York Jets)

Lion (Detroit Lions)

Packer (Inexperienced Bay Packers)

Panther (Carolina Panthers)

Pat or Patriot (New England Patriots)

Raider (Las Vegas Raiders)

Ram (LA Rams)

Raven (Baltimore Ravens)

Saint (New Orleans Saints)

Seahawk (Seattle Seahawks)

Steeler (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Texan (Houston Texans)

Titan (Tennessee Titans)

Viking (Minnesota Vikings)

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