Robosen’s Optimus Prime Transformer robot truck gets an auto-converting trailer

    Robosen Robotics’ Optimus Prime robot can automatically transform into a truck just like the movie/cartoon versions, but the breathtaking $900 price makes it more a toy for collectors than children. Now, Hasbro and Robosen have launched a companion Trailer and Roller set for Optimus Prime with equally cool auto-conversion features and an equally steep $750 price. 

    Based on the G1 design, the trailer measures an impressive three feet (1 meter) in length, fully extended. Using Robosen’s clever robotics, it automatically unfolds and tilts vertically into a nearly flat rectangular shield, complete with an integrated, articulating sentry blaster. In truck mode, it houses the Roller vehicle and human sidekick Spike “who is ready to jump into action or enjoy the ride.” The blaster can also be mounted for “further firepower and support,” according to Robosen. 

    You can open the Trailer’s rear swing doors with a voice command, or control the truck and Roller car using an app. It auto-converts in seconds, and you can, of course, tow it with Optimus Prime, “exposing the sentry weapons to fire on the Decepticons during the chase.” 

    The trailer and Optimus Prime robotic are expensive, but unlike other collectibles, the price appears to be justified. The company promises “meticulous” craftsmanship, high-grade metal allow parts and cutting-edge robotics tech. It uses 18 of Robosen’s proprietary servo motors and 60 microchips, with over 2,000 components in total. 

    Robosen's Optimus Prime Transformer robot truck gets an auto-converting trailer


    Pre-orders are now open for the $750 Trailer and Roller Set, though deliveries won’t start until around November 2022. The package includes a protective storage case with handle for easy transportation, along with a collectible pack including an individualized serial number, Autobot magnetic car badge, metal challenge coin and sticker pack. 

    Hasbro and Robosen also released a limited number of Flagship Optimus Prime robots selling for $750, though that deal already seems to be gone. Despite all the cool features, the combined $1,500 price means it’s likely that many of these items will stay in their collectible protective cases, never to transform into anything but cash. 

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