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What Is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the vision of future projects of technology. Metaverse is a virtual world that a person can enter with the help of special types of eyeglasses. These eyeglasses will help us to see and control our virtual bodies in the metaverse.
Meta verse is still in its nascent stages which is why it is tough to say anything about it. But currently, we have some examples of metaverse that we can put together to get and understand the term metaverse.
The best example of the metaverse is virtual reality (VR). If you do not know anything about VR, it is a type of headset that lets you control your mental body or it can show you the world of imagination by controlling your virtual body. So far these VR are only developed to play games. Even games are the main focus of the metaverse because in a world like that you can do whatever is a type of game. Regarding the Metaverse, you might have some questions in your mind and to clear those questions I have discussed them down below.

When will metaverse be launched?

The idea of the metaverse came just a few years ago and its development has not even reached half that is why it is gonna take at least fifteen years to be in its early stages. And it is obvious because the metaverse is a very big step for the whole world of technology and the internet. That is why it is gonna take a lot of time to be launched.

Will it be safe?

Metaverse is a revolution for the internet and is going to change many things with this. There will be security threats from hackers who will try to exploit it but the security of metaverse will be much higher than it is now. The cybersecurity of the metaverse will be so hard for hackers to break which is why there are very low chances of it being in danger. But there are chances and like any other thing, it will also have weaknesses which is why there will be a very low chance of it being hacked and exploited.

How will the metaverse affect education?

Metaverse is a very bright fit for education as it will be easy for students to study in a world where they can do anything and they can contact or meet each other from everywhere. Students will be able to test their experiments in the metaverse.

We saw that in lockdown how difficult it was to contact the schools and educate the students but that is where inline and the internet helped a lot. Students studied and completed their syllabus on time and did not lose their careers.


Meta verse seems to bring many facilities but with them, there will be many issues and difficulties for people. Especially for parents as they will have to protect their kids from it. And control the schedule and the timing for it. Otherwise, kids might get addicted to it.

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