Now, have more fun with Google Messages; know how to use it

    Google offers a dedicated message app for Android as well as iPhones that allows users to send text along with emoji, photos and videos. Check out Google Messages after its latest update.

    All the Android phones feature a default text messaging app, however, it is limited to text messages only. It doesn’t let users send reactions and media files. But do you know, Google provides its own dedicated Messages app that can serve all your purposes. Yes! The latest version of Messages by Google not only displays emojis and other reactions sent from an iPhone to an Android phone, but it also links to text videos at a sharper resolution, and sorts messages into Personal and Business categories to keep them organized. Here is a brief note on how to use Google Messages.

    Google Messages features

    The latest version of Messages by Google allows a reaction from an iPhone user to appear in the context of the text. You can ask an iPhone user to text you a message with an emoji or other reaction to see how it displays on your Android phone. It even allows users to send videos as links from Google Photos to preserve their quality. To use this feature, you will just need to tap the Photos icon next to the message box and then select pictures from the Phone’s gallery.

    That’s not all, but the latest version of Messages by Google also lets users send videos as links from Google Photos. To send a video via Google message, you can follow the same steps as sending photos.

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