Missing Garena Free Fire? Check out these top 5 battle royale games that are the epitome of FUN

    If you miss playing Garena Free Fire then you need to check out these top 5 alternative battle royale games which not only have better graphics but also more engaging gameplay

    Top 5 battle royale games: Every few years, a game comes and completely changes the gaming landscape with its innovation and novelty. One of the earliest examples of it was Farmville, which introduced the freemium model. Similarly, Subway Surfer and Temple Run changed how interactive and engaging a game can be. Then came along games like Clash of Cans and Mini Militia which developed the multiplayer gaming aspect and finally games like PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire brought the multiplayer online battle royale gameplay to smartphones. Unfortunately, both the games are banned in India and they have left a void among gamers who crave a similar game that can be just as fun. Interestingly, there are still a lot of options for Indian gamers to choose from. Read on to find out the top 5 battle royale games that are a better alternative.

    1. PUBG: New State – Even as PUBG Mobile has faced a ban, PUBG New State has come out as a worthy replacement. The game has been developed by Krafton and is set in the same universe as the original PUBG. The game has an emphasized focus on graphics and is intended for higher-end devices due to the performance requirements. The game offers a more immersive experience due to its realistic artwork but it also presents more to the gameplay with futuristic weapons, gadgets and setting.

    2. Apex Legends Mobile – The game in the list of top 5 battle royale games is Apex Legends Mobile. It has been developed by Respawn Entertainment and is an Android and iOS adaptation of its original battle royale game. The game is not available to play in India right now as the company has only made soft launches in 10 countries. But interested players can pre-register and get the game as soon as it releases in India. Apex Legends is a hero battle royale, which is different from PUBG as the game has multiple characters and each character has some unique abilities that the players can use as an advantage.

    3. Call of Duty: Mobile – COD Mobile has gained consistent popularity ever since it launched. The game is published by Activision and is based on the popular game series of the same name. The interesting feature of COD Mobile are the multiple game modes which offer variety to players. Apart from that, the game has amazing graphics and very detailed scenery. Not only does the game look good, it also has received praise for its wide selection of weapons and detailing of the maps.

    4. Farlight 84 – The game’s tagline says that it is “more than a battle royale”. And it does manage to stand up to that claim. The game has stunning graphics with incredible details and has some very unique elements mixed into the battle royale theme. Players can ride destructive vehicles, have air combat, use futuristic gadgets and more in this fun filled game.

    5. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier – Our top 5 battle royale games’ list ends with yet another well known franchise that has forayed into mobile gaming. This battle royale shooter has everything from monsters to spells and fantasy locations that makes the battles more interesting and fun to play. To make things even more fun, players can actually summon monsters to aid them in battles.

    Make sure to check out these alternatives and we can assure you that you will not miss Garena Free Fire.

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