Minecraft Update: Minecraft Snapshot 22w16b is now out; Check what’s new and how to download

    Minecraft Update: The Snapshot 22w16b is now available to download. Find out everything new in this patch and how to download it.

    Minecraft Update: Minecraft Snapshot 22w16b was released yesterday and it brings some new features and bug fixes. On April 19, Minecraft first released the Snapshot and titled it 22w16a but it turned out that the patch had a major bug that crashed the game. Noticing the issue, Mojang immediately released a newer Snapshot and replaced the character ‘a’ with ‘b’. The new update comes with bug fixes, new features and Allay tweaks. The most noteworthy feature has been inclusion of new music and music discs in the game. Check out everything that’s new in the Snapshot and how you can download it.

    Minecraft Snapshot 22w16b: What’s new

    Minecraft Snapshots are not major updates, but they introduce some interesting features and bug fixes to the game. This update is also similar. So, let us check out what you get in this Minecraft update.

    New features: There are two new features coming your way. First, Minecraft has added new music to the game. There are four new music tracks called Ancestry, Aerie, Firebugs, and Labyrinthine. They play in certain biomes and in the main menu. Apart from that, A new music disc has been added to the game. Unlike other discs, it can only be obtained by finding and crafting 9 disc fragments together These disc fragments can be found rarely in Ancient City chests.

    Allay Tweaks: Allay is a passive mob in the game which is capable of flying. Its health has increased from 10 to 20. The delay after an item thrown by Allay has been lowered from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. Finally, its item search range has been raised from 9 to 32.

    Apart from these changes, there were a number of bug fixes and technical changes. Check out below how to download this update.

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