iPhone tips and tricks: Turn your smartphone into a holographic projector

    You can use your iPhone as holographic projector by making a DIY hologram pyramid.

    Apple iPhones come with a lot of impressive features that make our life easy. There are several useful hacks that are still unknown to many. One such feature is you can turn your iPhone into a hologram projector. Yes! You can use your iPhone as holographic projector with a little DIY tricks. The trick was first shared by @Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube and has since grabbed more than 24 million views. To use iPhone as holographic projector, you’ll have to make a DIY hologram pyramid. Here’s a step by step guide on how to create DIY hologram pyramid and create your hologram projector.

    How to make DIY hologram projector?

    To prepare a DIY hologram projector, you’ll need some paper, a pen, ruler, a sharp crafting or Stanley knife, an old CD case, some Cellotape and cutting plastic. Use a dinner tray to prepare this DIY hologram projector. Now, start with drawing a basic rhombus shape on your graph paper the base 6cm wide, 1cm tip and the 5cm side. Now cut the rhombus out of your graph paper by using scissors. This will be used as a template for cutting the screen protector. Once done, arrange the rhombus and fix them together by using a clear sticky tape. Leave a slight gap between the pieces on the top. Once done, secure the last edges together so that the pyramid can stand up on the smallest end by itself. Now download any of the free 3D hologram projector apps available in the App Store. Launch the app and place the pyramid on your iPhone’s screen. Turn out the lights, and you would see a phantom teapot, or space shuttle floating above your display.

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