iPhone SE 3 tips and tricks: 5 HIDDEN features that you must use

    Your iPhone SE 3 has a number of hidden features that you are not aware of! Check these top 5 iPhone SE 3 Tips and tricks.

    Have you got a new iPhone SE 3? The compact 4.7-inch iPhone may remind you about the old Apple iPhone 8 on which it is based, but it actually has a number of fancy new upgrades and the latest Apple chip that is on the flagship iPhone 13 too. Of course, the A15 Bionic chipset is what helps the new iPhone SE 2022 to acquire a whole new relevance. So, if you got one or are looking at getting it, you should know a few things and here we reveal several hidden features that will turn long processes into quick shortcut. Basically, iPhone SE 3 has a number of features and shortcuts that will help you to perform your daily tasks with ease. Whether you are a first-time iPhone user or it is just a new addition to your iPhone list, these iPhone SE 3 tips and tricks will surely surprise you. Check the 5 hidden features of the iPhone SE 3.

    Change photographic styles of iPhone SE 3

    When you are launching the iPhone SE 3 camera for the first time, it will ask you to select pre-settings for your photography. Well, the good part is if you don’t like that style of photography, you can change it any time. Just go to the ‘Settings’ and scroll until you find the camera section. Here, scroll down where you’ll see Photographic Styles. You can select the Photographic style of your choice now.

    Quick Video recording!

    You can start recording video from the photo mode of your camera itself. How? All you need to do is to long-press the shutter button and it will start recording the video. And you can zoom in and zoom out too simply by pinching forwards.

    You have ANC, transparency mode!

    You have quick access to change the modes from transparency mode to active noise cancellation modes with the supported audio device. Just swipe up to the Control Panel and select the audio device, and then long-press the volume rocker and you have three different modes to select from, instead of having to physically touch the headset.

    Copy Text from the photo

    Yes, you actually can! With the recently added feature on iPhone SE 3, you can click a picture that has text written on it and copy the text simply as you do with the written text.

    Shortcuts via Touch ID

    The classic Touch ID of the iPhone is not just there to unlock your device. It can do more than that. You can actually add shortcuts via ‘Accessibility shortcuts’ settings which will allow you to assign different functions for double-tap and triple tap. And now, whenever you tap your Touch ID according to your settings, it will open up the assigned shortcut.

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