iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max to not bring USB Type-C ports

    The first rumors about the iPhone 14 series started to emerge shortly after the iPhone 13 series release. Several months have passed, and it’s natural to see more leaks popping out. The new iPhone 14 series may be introduced in September. We expect the leaks and rumors to intensify until there. In counterpart to the iPhone 13 series, the new devices may bring significant changes over their predecessors. For the first time in years, Apple will ditch the notch design and will embrace the punch-hole trend in a unique form. The iPhone 14 series will come with an “exclamation mark” punch hole at the top-center of the display. That will probably be the major design change, as the devices will be keeping the Lightning Ports.

    There is certainly pressure being applied on Apple when it comes to adopting USB Type-C. In recent years, the EU has been trying to create a universal standard for smartphones with the use of USB Type-C. With the largest part of the Android smartphone market using USB Type-C ports, that decision would only affect Apple with its recurring Lightning ports. In the past, we even saw fully working iPhone mods with USB Type-C ports. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to make Apple change its mind. At this point, only a drastic measure from the European Commission could force the company to adopt USB Type C.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max

    No USB Type-C for iPhone 14 users

    Interestingly enough, Apple has already moved to USB Type C port in the new chargers, MacBooks, iPads, Mac, and monitors. However, the iPhone is still stuck with the old design. According to iDrop News, if fans are waiting for a USB Type-C port, they will be disappointed with the iPhone 15 series. As a result, Apple users will still need to carry a separate cable for charging iPhones, or even a USB C to Lightning Port adapter. You won’t be able to charge your iPhone 14 with the same cable you charge your Mac or iPad unless you have the said adapter.

    iPhone 14 Pro Max

    Despite the lack of visual changes, changes are still coming! The report states that the technology will see an upgrade to USB 3.0. The Lightning Ports in the latest iPhones operate at USB 2.0. With the new standard, it will reach an astonishing 5 Gbps transfer rate. However, there is still a catch. Apple is limiting the hardware upgrades on the regular iPhone 14 models as this feature is exclusive for the iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The regular iPhone 14 and Max will bring a simple USB 2.0 Lightning Port.

    There are still other advancements coming for the iPhone 14 series. Fresh reports suggest a new selfie camera with auto-focus support. The new iPhone 14 Pro will bring LTPO displays with the latest technology from Samsung. 

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