Instagram enables product tagging for everyone in the US

    Starting today, all users in the US with public accounts can in their feed posts. The option had until now been limited to brands and some creators.

    Budding influencers, for instance, can help their audience buy things they show off in their posts. So, those just getting home from and posting their photos of their weekend exploits might be able to let their followers shop their festival looks.

    Instagram previously said the idea behind the feature is to help people “support their favorite small businesses.” At least for now, you won’t get a cut of sales if you tag products, though Instagram has and Meta wants to do more to help smaller creators earn a living through its apps. 

    Instagram product tagging


    If you’re eager to give brands you love some free promotion, tagging products doesn’t seem overly complicated. It works in a similar way to tagging other users. First, you’ll need to tag an eligible brand, then you can look for products using descriptors. You may be able to specify a style and color before adding the tag. Anyone who taps on a product tag will be able to buy that item directly in Instagram or by going to the brand’s product detail page.

    Product tagging won’t stop at feed posts. Instagram says it’s working on bringing a similar feature for Stories.

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