How to view someone’s WhatsApp status secretly

    You can view someone’s WhatsApp status secretly with THESE easy and simple tricks.

    WhatsApp status has a viewing history by default. This lets users view who has viewed their status. However, sometimes we want to view friends’ status without letting them know. You can view WhatsApp status anonymously, that too without using third-party apps or software? Want to know how? There’s a workaround way to view someone’s WhatsApp Status updates without coming into the viewers list. You can apply these tricks for both Android and iOS users. Read out how you can view someone’s WhatsApp status secretly.

    Here’s how to view someone’s WhatsApp status anonymously

    The Android and iOS users can view the WhatsApp Status of their contacts without letting them know simply by disabling read receipts or viewing it offline. You can also check the hidden WhatsApp Status folder directly on your phone to avoid viewing the Status directly. Here’s how to do it on your Android phone or iPhone (iOS).

    1. Open WhatsApp on your phone or iPhone and click on the three dots icon available on the screen.

    2. Now, go to “Settings” and then head to the “Account” option.

    3. Go to “Privacy” to check the advanced features and disable the “Read receipts” feature.

    How to view WhatsApp Status through phone’s file manager




    20 Minutes

    Step 1:

    Go to file manager on your phone

    Step 2:

    Open internal storage and click on WhatsApp.

    Step 3:

    Navigate and open the media folder and then tap on ‘Statuses’.

    Step 4:

    You will find all the images from the WhatsApp status shared by the contacts.

    Step 5:

    If the status folder is not visible, go to file manager settings and enable ‘Show hidden files’.

    Step 6:

    You can view the WhatsApp status without letting your friends know.

    WhatsApp Status is a tool that lets users share content available for 24 hours. The feature is widely used by content creators, companies with messenger operations and people to share their moments with the contacts on their phones.

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