GTA Online VIP registration on PC, Console and Xbox: Do it THIS way

    Check out these simple and easy steps to register for VIP in GTA online.

    Wondering how to register as a VIP in Grand Theft Auto online? Well! It’s pretty easy to do. But before that, you must have more than $50,000 in your bank accounts to become VIPs. Though the organization doesn’t deduct any amount, it’s mandatory to register for VIP in GTA. VIPs membership offers almost all the benefits as CEOs. Players can make more money than heists in GTA Online. It enables gamers to build a criminal organization within the game and complete tasks while using other users as their bodyguards or associates. Before you proceed to register for VIP in GTA, you must have more than $50,000 in your bank accounts to become VIPs whether it’s Xbox consoles or PC. Now follow these simple and easy steps

    How to register for VIP in GTA online




    30 Minutes

    Step 1:

    Players first need to open the interaction menu in GTA Online on their console or PC. The default button is the “m” key on PCs. On the PS4 and PS5, hold down the touchpad and on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S,hold down the view button.

    Step 2:

    Now, scroll down to the SecuroServ option from the interaction menu, which appears on the left side of the screen. You may use arrow keys to move and choose SecuroServ.

    Step 3:

    Next, select the “Register as VIP” option from a new menu and give your own organization a name. Do note that the name that is given to the Organization will only last for four hours as only CEOs have the authority to designate a permanent organization name. 

    Step 4:

    Once done, you’re all set to access all the benefits of VIPs membership in GTA online. You will see a wide array of abilities in GTA Online including vehicles options under the SecuroServ section.

    Players must know that they can have up to a four-hour VIP stay every session and there can only be six VIPs per gaming session.

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