Google launches Switch to Android for iPhones; Know how to use it

    Google has made it easy to transfer data from iPhone to android with Switch to Android. Know where to download it from and how to use it. 

    Google will soon be launching a “Switch to Android” app allowing users to move from iPhone to Android without losing their data. Since both mobile ecosystems are completely different, switching from one to the other has always been a task. But once Google will roll out the ‘Switch to Android’ feature it will become pretty easy to move from iOS to android. The users willing to transfer their data from the iPhone will be able to do it wirelessly using the Android phone as a hotspot.

    While transferring the messages from iPhone to Android phone, the app asks for iMessage to be turned off while the app transfers all photos, videos, calendar events, and contacts available locally on the device, and the iCloud transfers data directly to Google Drive.

    The new app can be downloaded from the App Store. Note that users will be required to have iOS 12 or later on their iPhone to use the Switch to Android app. The app will ask for a series of permissions to access data on the user’s iPhone, in order to complete the transfer to an Android device. The App Privacy section will show location, contact information, user content, usage information, identifiers, and other data under “Data Linked to You”.

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