Google Chrome 100 internet browser is available now! Should you update? Check warning

    Google Chrome 100 version update is here! But there is an issue, know what experts say about it.

    Google Chrome 100 internet browser update has been released worldwide. Basically, the 100th version of Chrome comes with a lot of new upgrades. Google announced that the first three-digit upgrade of its web-browser Chrome brings a new logo that is said to be cleaner and brighter, along with some bug fixes, and improvements in the overall performance. Not just that, Google showed its confidence in the new Chrome 100 by removing its Lite mode, which was aimed to help users to browse with Chrome while using less data.

    “When browsers first reached version 10, there were a few issues as the major version number went from one digit to two. Hopefully, we learned a few things that’ll ease the transition from two digits to three,” the Chrome blog post mentioned. For the Lite version, Google Chrome believes that with the upgrade of the 100th version and its overall efficiency, there is no need for Lite mode. The Chrome 100 shipped many improvements to the web browser to minimise the data usage and improve the web page loading, Google has vowed.

    But should you update it NOW?

    Surely, Google Chrome 100 brings new updates, bug fixes, and more. However, you should bring your attention to a warning, which says that the new Chrome update may break some popular websites. The warning came from none other than Mozilla, the creator of the popular Firefox browser. According to a Mozilla blog, the Google Chrome 100 ‘has the potential to cause breakage on sites that rely on identifying the browser version to perform business logic.’

    Well, the good part is that Google is aware of the issues across the web and has been working to minimise the impact. Additionally, Google has built a freeze option at Chrome 99 while any issues are addressed. That means updating to your Google Chrome 100 version is relatively safe.

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