‘Crossfire: Legion’ will hit Steam early access on May 24th

    Real-time strategy game will soon be available on Steam in early access. You’ll be able to get your hands on Blackbird Interactive’s latest Starcraft-esque title starting on May 24th.

    It’s based on the tactical shooter series, which is immensely popular in Asia. The original game has more than a billion registered players, according to developer Smilegate. The most recent title, , was released on Xbox consoles earlier this year.

    The early access build of Crossfire: Legion will include the entire first act of the campaign. You can also expect co-op as well as multiplayer modes with leaderboards. Players will take command of an army from one of three factions: Black List, Global Risk and New Horizon. You’ll duke it out with rivals across a range of environments and terrains.

    Blackbird has a strong track record, with the likes of Minecraft Earth and Hardspace: Shipbreaker under its belt. The studio is also working on . Given both Blackbird’s reputation and CrossFire’s overall popularity, Crossfire: Legion has the potential to be a big hit.

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