Clubhouse dark mode launched for iPhone and Android users; Know how to use it

    Clubhouse dark mode has been introduced to make it easier for night owls to use the app late at night without hurting their eyes. Know how to use it.

    Like several other apps, popular audio app Clubhouse has finally rolled out the dark mode for both Android as well as iPhone users. The company has made the announcement via a blog post. They said that the decision has been taken after hearing “pleas”, reading “tweets” requesting dark mode in the app. They wrote that it might have taken longer but ‘the wait is finally over’. They said, “Today, we’re beginning to roll out Clubhouse dark mode in all of its moody, non-blinding-you-at-3-am glory.” In the dark mode, the text will appear on a velvety dark background giving users’ eyes relaxation and making the battery stay a little longer.

    To access the Clubhouse dark mode, users will have to update to the latest version of the app from Google Play Store or iOS App store. However, if you still do not get the feature right away, wait for a little as it would take a couple of days for Clubhouse to roll out the dark mode feature to all the users.

    Several popular apps have started offering dark mode or a dark theme lately as it is not only easier on the eyes but also saves the battery of the phone. The dark mode also has some additional advantages, especially when you are using your phone in low-light settings. When dark mode is turned on, the device emits less blue light as compared to normal mode. It also helps people with visual impairment or light sensitivity.

    Know step-by-step guide to turn on the Clubhouse dark mode feature

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