Bored of app icons in iPhone 14, iPhone 13? Make your iPhone look cool with iOS 16

    Don’t use the boring icons in your iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and other iPhones. Customize them easily this way

    With iOS 16, Apple has given people enough customization tools to play around with lock screens and themes. But the icons have not seen much change. You still get the same design and logo created by the app maker and have to be content with it. Or maybe not. There is actually a way to customize your app icons. So, whether you are using an iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 or an older version, there is a way to spice up how you interact with your device with interesting and fun app icons. Read on to find out how.

    Why customize your iPhone’s app icons

    Customization is the key to make your iPhone feel special and your own. And while adding a wallpaper and customizing lock screen is fun, those are not the part of your phone that you interact with the most. On an iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, you spend the most time on an application and so it makes the most sense to customize their appearance so that every time you open an app, it puts a smile on your face.

    Do note, this trick does not replace the app icon, but instead creates a new shortcut for the app. The process is long and takes a bit of effort, but the end result makes it worth it. Check it below.


    How to customize iPhone app icons

    1. Before beginning the process, you would need images for apps. There are applications that let you take their collection or you can create/search for individual images as well. Make sure to save these images.
    2. Go to the Shortcuts app. If you can’t see it, go to app library and type ‘Shortcuts’.
    3. Tap on the + sign on the menu and go to ‘New Shortcut 1′ you can also click on rename to give the app your own nickname.
    4. Tap on the ‘Add action’ button and type ‘Open app’ in the search bar of the next page.
    5. You will see the word ‘App’ next to Open in light blue shade. Tap on it.
    6. Now, you should see the list of apps you have installed. Pick the one you want to customize.
    7. Click the ‘i’ button at the bottom and choose ‘Add to Home Screen’.
    8. On the preview screen, tap under the ‘Home Screen Name and Icon’ option and choose your desired photo.
    9. You will see the new app design. If you’re happy with it, tap on Add.
    10. Your new icon should be present on the home screen. Enjoy!

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