Bo Jackson tried to remedy year-long hiccups by sniffing a porcupine’s butt






It’s been a surprisingly tough yr for Bo Jackson, and none of us knew. The mythic athlete has been coping with a legendary case of hiccups, and since July of 2022 he’s been hiccuping continuous.

Speaking to an area radio present on Wednesday, Jackson revealed that he’s been doing the whole lot to try to eliminate these hiccups — together with getting a stay porcupine and getting a giant ‘ol whiff of its butt.

“I’ve carried out the whole lot — scare me, drink water the wrong way up, scent the ass of a porcupine, it doesn’t work.”

Bo is now having a medical process carried out within the hopes of ending his hiccups. Terrifyingly, continual hiccups are a factor. They will both be brought on by a illness of the central nervous system, or be the product of an hostile drug response. An Iowa native named Charles Obsorne holds the world file for continual hiccuping, which lasted 68 YEARS from the age of 20 till his dying. This brought on Osborne to alter his speech sample and whole approach of speaking to account for the hiccups.

So far as the entire porcupine butt: That’s somewhat harder to pin down. There isn’t a proof that smelling any animal’s rear finish can remedy hiccups — however broadly talking, Bo may have simply been utilizing this for short-hand as a option to say “I attempted the whole lot.”

That stated, here’s a video of a porcupine butt to take pleasure in.

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