Best Bank To Withdraw Google AdSense Earnings


Pakistani publishers have been facing an issue with withdrawing their Adsense earnings.

When a publisher withdraws the amount a fee of 20$ is cut from the total earnings because an intermediary bank is involved in the transaction.

In Pakistan, there are millions of Freelancers, YouTubers, and Bloggers who are working online with Google AdSense, so it’s important to address their issues.

As a blogger and YouTuber, I have been working as a publisher on Google Adsense for more than 5 years.

Recently Adsense removed western union as a payment for all the users new and old users, now we have only two options either we choose a local bank or cheque to get Money.

Best Bank For Adsense

Let’s come to the main topic, which is the best bank to withdraw Google Adsense earnings in Pakistan, I would not recommend any local bank such as Meezan, UBL, HBL, etc because all the bank charges the same amount.

I would highly recommend to all the Adsense publishers in Pakistan to use the standard chartered account they only charge 1% of the total earnings.

How To Make Standard Chartered Account

Anyone can create a standard chartered account online from their website by providing their necessary details.



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