Australian Lady Caught Driving Half a Hyundai Palisade Once more


This previous Saturday, police in Victoria, Australia ticketed a girl for driving her Hyundai Palisade with no windshield, rear window, or any of the automobile’s typical front-end accoutrement — a hood, fenders, headlights, issues of that nature. I, for one, suppose this lady did completely nothing improper.

Have a look at it this manner. You’re a longtime, 41-year-old lady. You’ve made it sufficient to get your fingers on a brand new Palisade, so it’s probably you’re utilizing the automobile as Hyundai meant: hauling round youngsters, canines, or different assorted smaller residing beings. You acquire an SUV since you wanted the area.

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Photograph: Victoria Police

However does that imply you need to sacrifice your goals of feeling the breeze in your face? I say no. But, with no three-row choices in the marketplace named “Wrangler” or “Bronco,” how are you presupposed to get the wind in your hair in your commute, grocery run, or journey to the wreckers searching for new physique panels?

There’s just one wise resolution, and it’s to smash out most — however not all — of your entrance windshield. The truth is, take the rear out too. It is advisable contemplate the venturi impact, and the way you’ll get all the recent air out of your automobile to permit cool, recent air in from the entrance.

It’s mainly a speedster! You’ll be able to simply image somebody behind the wheel of this Palisade, classic driving goggles and gloves on, partaking within the Mille Miglia like the remainder of the automotive world’s most well-off. And the Palisade ought to excel at it — with these entrance panels eliminated, not solely has the automobile’s weight probably been lowered into superleggera territory, however the weight distribution has been moved additional again for max rear-end grip.

The proprietor of this Palisade is clearly simply an fanatic, on the lookout for one of the best efficiency and motoring expertise out of her sensible crossover. She’s not hurting anybody, she’s simply making her commute a bit extra fulfilling. Who doesn’t need that?



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