10 Review Management Software for Your Online Business in 2022

    Are you a business owner or marketer? If yes, you should use online review management software to monitor reviews.

    No matter how much you advertise your product, a potential buyer will check online reviews before purchasing it. Since it has become an important aspect of marketing strategy, you should not let this sector remain ungoverned.

    Instead of manually monitoring all the online reviews on various portals, you can take help from online review management applications.

    What Is Review Management?

    As the name suggests, review management means managing the reviews your product or company receives online (websites or social media.) It refers to the process of monitoring, analyzing, and answering the reviews.

    By proper review management, small and large businesses can promote positive reviews and tackle negative ones.

    Benefits of Review Management Software

    If you use software for online review management, you will get the following benefits:

    #1. Offer Real-Time Feedback

    With online reputation management tools, you can get back to the customers immediately after they post the review. Thus, it will help you establish a better connection with customers and provide them with the right response.

    Reputation Management offered by online review management tools

    #2. Handle Negative Reviews

    Negative reviews allow you to pinpoint the issues customers face so you can fix them to improve the business process. Handling such reviews tactfully will showcase your business intelligence, and review management software can do that easily. You will also be able to identify fake reviews and respond to them appropriately.

    #3. Become a Trustworthy Brand

    By managing and responding to all the online reviews you get, these tools ensure the trustworthiness of your company or brand in front of the customers. Timely responses to the reviews will make your brand look responsible and customer-oriented.

    Factors to Consider While Purchasing Online Review Management Software

    Before you opt for a review management tool, here are some points you should consider:

    #1. Access to Popular Review Sites

    The mandatory feature of an ideal review management tool is its ability to work with the platforms that people use most, such as Google Maps.

    Real Time Monitoring by online review management tools

    #2. Real-Time Monitoring

    When it comes to a query or negative feedback, an instant response is essential. Hence, you should go for a tool that can monitor online reviews, forum discussions, and social media comments in real-time.

    #3. Ease of Use

    No tool is of your use if you cannot navigate it easily. Ensure the online review management tool you choose has a user-friendly interface and dashboard, so you need not spend time learning it.

    #4. Mobile App Support

    While a review can pop up any time of the day, you cannot always be before a computer to reply to them. For this reason, a tool with a mobile app is highly beneficial.

    #5. Reporting

    Your tool should come with robust reporting capabilities. These reports help you monitor your products and businesses across online and social platforms.

    #6. Centrally Manageable

    If your business operates from multiple locations, a centrally operable solution is an excellent option for you. Your review management tool should let you see reviews and reply to them from every location.

    Here is our curated list of the best online review management software applications:


    Companies that want to become the highest-rated businesses should use Podium. The online review management software can increase your monthly review volume to a significant amount.

    This tool also displays your ratings and reviews where it will appeal most to the users and potential customers. You can automate the process of inviting reviews from the customers, and they can offer their feedback by following up on the text-based review invitation.

    Moreover, it becomes effortless to manage your reputation across different websites from one dashboard of this platform.

    Sprout Social

    Sprout Social is a unified platform where you can monitor social media responses and online reviews. It supports Meta, GMB, Yelp, Glassdoor, and TripAdvisor for online review management.

    This tool functions as a centralized platform that keeps you informed of what people are saying about your company or brand. Businesses can take a tailored approach to manage reviews by filtering and sorting review data.

    Sprout Social also offers insights on local business operations your business might grab to improve the customer experience. Its engagement tools are also capable of building stronger relationships with clients and customers.


    Brand24 offers cloud-based marketing solutions for monitoring media. Besides serving large enterprises, it also provides perfect solutions for small and medium-sized organizations. Besides, marketing companies can use it to monitor multiple projects for one or more brands.

    Users can use its comparison tool to see the performances of the projects side-by-side. Once you add the relevant keywords, this application will collect their mention in the online arena, including Google reviews, social media, blogs, and discussion forums.

    Users can filter the collected data by different timespan. Its advanced sentiment detection feature can categorize segment positive, neutral, and negative mentions of your brand.


    BrightLocal is a well-known online reputation management solution that can take care of review tracking on your behalf. This cloud-based tool can be used easily on any desktop, laptop, or tablet.

    It tracks more than 80 review websites, including Trustpilot, Yelp, and Google. Apart from generating reviews on 200+ websites, BrightLocal highlights the reviews you received on different sites.

    Its one-click response feature is available for answering Google and Facebook reviews. With Google Analytics, Meta, and Twitter integration, this tool can display all data on a single dashboard.


    Are you looking for a tool that will help you improve your online reputation by managing the online reviews you get? If yes, go for ReviewInc.

    It also helps you connect with more than 600 review sites for comprehensive coverage. You can easily monitor online business reviews and respond to them from one platform.

    ReviewInc’s multi-level access allows multiple team members to use it. This software comes with military-standard security features such as full data encryption and doubly encrypted passwords.

    Its dashboard can be customized using different filters so that you can view the data important for your business.


    Sprinklr comes with powerful software that lets you take charge of managing the feedback you get. As you use this tool, you will have a clear idea about when and where to offer support and feedback to your customers to enforce positivity.

    It manages the reputation of your business by handling real-time negative feedback across all digital and social channels in a cost-effective manner. This tool also works to improve your customer experience through valuable review sharing and higher review response rates.

    Besides capturing positive reviews, it analyzes product performance to provide insights for building better business strategies.


    BirdEye is a robust customer review management software that comes with enterprise-level functionality. Any number of team members can use it without any location restriction.

    Thanks to its features like the role-based dashboard and bulk review management, large enterprises can make the most of this solution. The tool supports more than 150 websites for monitoring reviews.

    It also supports business listing updates across over 50 websites. The auto-response templates of BirdEye always come in handy for quick review management. You can also use it to remove spam or defamatory reviews.


    With Yotpo, businesses can generate genuine online reviews and showcase those in crucial places to make an impact. This data-driven online review management platform makes it easier for the customers to offer your company feedback.

    It sends email and SMS requests after each purchase as a reminder to leave a review. The customers also get customized questions that go with the products they purchased.

    Yotpo also displays the top reviews at touchpoints crucial for conversion throughout the shopping experience. Users can also search and sort reviews if they want. Moreover, its official partnership with Facebook and Google helps you get more traffic from social media. is a reputed solution that caters to the needs of global digital marketing agencies. With this end-to-end review tool, you can manage and reply to online reviews on over 165 review sites.

    It has an easy-to-use dashboard, ideal for supervising the whole review collection and reply process. This web-based tool uses SMS, email, and direct mail campaigns to collect reviews for your website. comes with the white label functions that companies can use to generate branded reports, whitepapers, and widgets. You can automatically manage your business listings and schedule recurring reports.


    Swell is an online review management software that contributes to your business growth and online visibility by utilizing your reputation. It is particularly useful for small and mid-size businesses that do not have the necessary resources for reputation management.

    The tool is intelligent enough to know when and how to ask a customer to review your product or business. Swell invites customers with automated and tailored SMSs to leave reviews on Facebook, Google, and other platforms. You can use its built-in templates to respond to reviews quickly.

    Wrapping Up ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Many consumers check online reviews of a product before deciding on the purchase. With fake reviews on the rise, your business should have a solid online reputation management strategy that includes software in it.

    You can choose one of the discussed online review managements tools from the above list according to your business needs. It will ensure improved visibility of your store or product online and a better customer experience.

    If you are looking for more user engagement, you might want to get your product or website reviewed by real people.

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